Here and There…

Check out my rather surly housekeeping helper. I’m not sure why Emma had such a sour look on her face. Or why she was missing a sock. But there you go! She was very helpful despite the attitude and the wardrobe malfunction.

Earlier this week, we put up the Christmas tree. Every year I proclaim that we’re waiting until Thanksgiving to do this, and every year we do it right after Halloween. Oh, well. This way, we’re able to enjoy the decorations longer than most AND I’m able to finally wrap the presents and put them under the tree. It was getting to the point that I wasn’t able to walk into my own closet, so I’ve hauling it all out, wrapping it, and moving it to the tree. The girls are thrilled by the exodus of presents and enjoy getting behind the tree and jumping out at me, yelling, “Happy Halloween!” Yeah, we need to help them clarify that this is now CHRISTMAS. Or almost. At least here at the Faulk house.

And it must be noted that now that this is our FOURTH Christmas in Duncan, we finally bought Christmas lights for the house. Why did we wait so long? It really wasn’t intentional. The holiday kept slipping by us without a single twinkling light on the house, but we’re on top of it this year! 2010 — the year we finally get it together!

I got a call from Ana’s school yesterday, telling me that she had a fever and wasn’t looking so great. I went to go pick her up, and when I told her that we were going home, she got the quivering lip and told me, “But I did not finish my projects.” I assured her that she and I would work on whatever projects she needed to do at home, but this wasn’t what she wanted to hear because at home, she doesn’t earn Gator Gold. For those who are blissfully unaware, Gator Gold is a prize given for good behavior at Ana’s preschool. And to hear Ana tell it, the only way to earn Gator Gold is to be so quiet that you NEVER speak. I watched her in her classroom during the Halloween party, and I’m not sure she said one word the whole time. When I ask her about her friends, she’ll give me plenty of names, but when I ask what they talk about, she tells me, “If I talk, I don’t get Gator Gold!” Duh, Mom. I was concerned that this refusal to speak extended to all classroom/multiple children settings, but Ana’s Sunday school teacher has assured me that Ana is quite vocal in her class, thanks to the lack of Gator Gold. (And I’m told she’s also super giggly but only in response to a certain six year old boy in the class. Oh, good grief.)

Emma has come into her own as an only child… for the two hours a day she’s by herself. She enjoys playing with Charlie and doing her own thing in the playroom. (While in there she newly discovered the little stuffed Texas Longhorn that Aunt Kerry and Uncle Chris gave her when she was born and told me, “I’m playin’ with this moose!” Hook em antlers!) We’ve also been able to get some good one-on-one time, coloring, doing puzzles, and chatting. Often, she’ll stop and say, “Mommy, I’m talking to you” and “Mommy, I need to tell you something.” When I ask what it is, she’ll say, “I love you.” Could she be any sweeter? (Well, excluding those times she’s cleaning with a scowl on her face.)

That’s about it from here. I hadn’t given a normal update in a while, and I thought it would be nice in the middle of all the Anaisms, Emmaisms, book reviews, and Radical chapter reviews. Next week is actually the LAST CHAPTER of Radical, believe it or not, so those posts will be ending. I’ve been thinking about taking a break on the Sunday reviews as well, thinking that eventually I’m going to get behind in my reading, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m working through a really challenging book right now, per Wes’s recommendation, and find a quote on literally every other page that’s worth sharing with everyone. So, maybe reviews are still a good thing! You all let me know if it’s getting old and tiresome.

And Happy Veteran’s Day! We saw that Chili’s is treating veterans and active duty military members to free meals today. Wes and I had the same thought about this, wondering if this means that the Chili’s on Kadena AFB in Okinawa is just opening its doors for a free-for-all. (Since, you know, aside from the random pastor and DOD employee, ALL of its customers are active duty military.) If so, I’m thinking it’s a good day to be on Kadena AFB.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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