All Booked Up

Is it just me, or does the calendar book up crazy-fast this time of year? Wes and I spent an hour before he left for work this morning putting church party dates, youth events, family holiday gatherings, days out of town, and travel dates on the calendar. As I told him, for boring people, we sure are busy!

The holiday season at WHBC officially began last night with the Thanksgiving dinner. I think we do it a week early because lots of people are travelling the actual week of Thanksgiving. Or maybe we do it early because people just want to have a full THREE WEEKS of turkey (the week before, the week of, and the week of leftovers) instead of one. I doubt it, as my personal reaction to turkey mirrors Ana’s reaction to it last night — “Turkey?! Blech!!!” Emma, on the other hand, enjoyed a sampling of turkey, ham, corn, macaroni salad, bread, cheesecake, cookies, pound cake, and even a bite of pecan pie. Everything was a hit except for the pecan pie, which Ana explained for me later by saying, “Nuts are gross.” Which they are. Except when they’re in Snickers bars. Or if they’re circus peanuts. (Wes would completely disagree with this assessment and was more than pleased when he was sent home with a pecan pie, courtesy of a very sweet lady in our church. Thank you, Louise!)

Emma and I went up to the church earlier this week to help finish the building project. Yes, the church has been in the midst of a building project since before we got here three years ago. But I think we see an end in sight! The building is, in fact, completed. What remains to be done is to move the temporary office to the new office, which has been slow going. The temporary office is actually the youth room, and the youth have been temporarily meeting in the first through third grade room, while the first through third graders have been either moved up to the older kids or down to the younger kids. Are you confused? Yeah, imagine how confused visitors are when they go to the youth room, find office furniture that looks like it was abandoned during some strange Apocalypse and then get escorted to a room with teeny tiny furniture. Not good, y’all. Anyway, all this said, I suggested to Wes that he use the strong help while he had it (I’m talking about Emma, of course) to clear out that room so that the youth can be moved back. So, he did, and we did. We’re still working on it, but we got through a lot of stuff. I don’t know if anyone in the church even knows that it exists, but we have church records from the founding of the church. Hand-printed church directories, listing the birth dates (turn of the century!) of those who were the first members of Faith Baptist Church, which became Western Heights. What a treasure! I’m sure I was a ton of help to Wes while I sat in the corner and looked through this book, as he toted large boxes back and forth from the temporary office to the new office, Emma riding on top of the dolly as they went. But we managed to clear out a lot! I’m hoping we can get back up there and do some more work in time to meet there on Sunday… I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I think that’s about it from here. I’m doing a giveaway on Sunday, so you’ll definitely want to come back next week and comment for a chance to win!

Hope your weekend is wonderful…

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