CareBear Nightmares!

– Ana to me, “You know, sometimes Papi is wrong.” (Not sure what he was wrong about, but Ana wasn’t going to forget about it!)

– Emma to Ana, whilst the latter was trying to play one parent against the other, “Mommy and Papi are on the SAME TEAM, Ana!”

– Ana to Wes, talking about the Ten Commandments, “God is supposed to follow our rules.” (Yeah, because that will end well.)

– Emma, when reality caught up with the pretend, “But I can’t go poo poo at the royal ball!” (I escorted her highness to the bathroom where she was able to do her business BEFORE attending the royal ball. Crisis averted!)

– Ana, when the sweater I was wearing showed a little bit of my back when I raised my arms, “I SEE YOUR NAKED BODY!” (Thanks to Miss Modesty, that sweater is going into the garage sale pile.)

– Ana to me, “You know, watch is a hard word. It can be what you wear on your hand or what you do to TV!” Emma to me, “You know, it’s hard to talk when you have no mouth!” (That’s right, Em. Don’t let your sister show you up with her fancy learnin’!)

– Emma, watching Cookie Monster as Casey McPhee, her little hands covering her mouth as she giggled uncontrollably, “He’s gonna eat all that SNOW!” (Could not be more precious, y’all. Emma, that is, not Cookie Monster.)

– Ana, after demonstrating a crazy karate kick for Emma, “And that’s how you make people die. But we don’t want to make people die because it is NOT NICE.”

– Emma, after Charlie laid his head on the kitchen table next to her plate and (eww!) burped, “What’s that SMELL?!” (Only funny because five minutes later, she was still yelling about the smell. Way to make an impression, Charlie!)

– Ana, still not awake after a nightmare, yet rambling on about it with her eyes still closed, “And Emma was speakin’ Japanese, and she had a cupcake on her tummy, and when we touch the cupcake, it EXPLODES everywhere!” (Someone was having a CareBear nightmare. In Japanese!)

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