A Tale of Two Anas…

Today was the Thanksgiving feast at Ana’s school. This was a great cause of stress to me because Ana was given the task of bringing a dish that began with the same letter as the first letter of her name. And you know what? You can probably think of a million “A” dishes until someone tells you to think of just one! An internet search saved me by producing apples, animal crackers, and angel food cake. We went with the last one, since it seemed the most “Thanksgiving feast” appropriate. (Not sure what we’re going to do next year with “E.” Eggos, eggplants, or eggs? Hmm…)

Wes, Emma, and I arrived at the school early so as to help get the plates loaded up for the kiddos, and after Ana hugged us in the hallway, she ran off to the cafeteria with the other mommies without any of us realizing it until she was halfway gone. Her teacher even made a move to take Emma into the library with the rest of the class, then saw that she was, in fact, NOT Ana. The other mommies managed to catch Ana, prompting her teacher to look at the girls side by side and say, “Wow! They could really pass for twins!” (One of Ana’s classmates was later greatly disturbed at seeing Ana and Emma sitting side by side at the table and kept telling her mother, “There are TWO Anas!” in a trembling, terrified voice. Girl, you don’t even know how scary it really is.)

Anywho, we got to see the parade of pilgrims and indians, which was ADORABLE, as you would well expect. Ana was an indian but was disillusioned with her green vest because she had wanted to make a purple vest. Still cute, though! The little girl who was supposed to be sitting next to Ana was absent today, so the teacher suggested that Em take the seat and eat the food. And Emma? Was more than happy to oblige. She was so proud of herself, sitting up so tall and big with the others, and when they all went to sit down together and watch Diego, she fit in so well that you couldn’t even tell her apart from the rest. Our Emmy will do just fine next year in Pre-K… well, provided that Ana goes with her. Which she won’t since they’ll be on separate campuses. Oh, well. It was delightful for the day.

So, this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for many things. We’re thankful that we’ve figured out a way to exercise Charlie indoors on those (literally) freezing days that are sure to come. Throw a ball for him to chase, and he will be entertained and exercised to the point of exhaustion. As will the girls, who run after him when he goes running, screaming at the top of their lungs and flailing limbs in every direction. And we’re thankful for the new found, good will that this has fostered between canine and kid, as evidenced by this morning when Wes went to get Charlie off of a barely woken up Emma, only to be told by her giggly, delighted sweetness that, “He just givin’ me KISSES!” Aww!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all…

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