Faulkette Funnies

Emma to me, after eating the radishes, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, and cucumbers off of my salad, when I offered her lettuce, “No, I don’t like salad.” No, it’s lettuce you don’t like. But you’ve got ALL the other parts of the salad in your tummy already!

Ana, drawing a picture to give to our newest Compassion child, “That’s me and Princess standing together under a rainbow.” Me to Ana, “Oh, that’s so nice!” Ana to me, “And this is the giant cracker who walked over and ate us up while we were standing there! How do you spell cracker so I can write it down so Princess will know that’s what ate us?” Me to Ana, “Uh….”

Emma, as we were praying for the Kabyle Berbers of North Africa, “God, I pray for the Ka-bill Burgers.” Mmmm… burgers…

Ana to me, concerning those very same “Burgers” in North Africa, “I prayed that they would just be happy.” Me to Ana, “Well, what will make them happy?” Ana to me, “Knowing Jesus!” Lest you think she understands more than she actually does, this was followed up by a prayer that went something like this — “Lord, I pray that You will know the Lord.” Praying for Jesus to come to Jesus? THOROUGH.

Emma to me, when I laughed at something cute she said, “We don’t laugh at other people. It’s MEAN!” But how can I not laugh when you’re so stinkin’ CUTE?!

Ana to me, when I told her that Mrs. Getz (her Cubbies teacher) wouldn’t be there for AWANA clubs that night, “This is the WORST day of my life!” Dramatic much?

Emma, suddenly discovering that her new jeans have pockets, little hands thrust down deep into them, “HEY! POCKETS!” She went on to tell everyone we saw, “HEY! POCKETS!” Those pockets were a BIG deal…

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