The Faulk Sisters

I told Ana and Emma that they could have a “sleepover” tonight. Amidst much cheering and celebrating, I rolled both of their sleeping bags out on the floor in Ana’s room, tucked them in, and closed the door. I keep hearing whispering and giggling even now, and it makes me think of another time…

This picture was taken in August 2007 after my first attempt to take the girls out by myself. We had plans to meet Wes for lunch at a local place, and with Okinawan traffic, he was late. I remember standing in the restaurant, waiting, while one year old Ana wouldn’t stand still and newborn Emma needed to eat RIGHTNOW. People were staring, it was so, so, so hot, both of the girls started crying, I felt like crying, and I remember thinking, “Life is never going to be normal again.”

And, boy, was I right.

I wish I could have told myself then, even though I suspected it to be a future truth at the time, that it would be worth every hard day. Because even after a day full of time spent playing, talking, and living life together here in 2011, Ana and Emma still have things to giggle over while they’re snuggled up close in their sleeping bags. I’m struck literally every day by the simple truth that while I didn’t think having two babies in one year would be a smart move, God knew that it would be the best thing for the Faulk sisters. They’re so lucky that He gave them to each other… and I’m so lucky that I get to watch them together.

Here’s to even better days…

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