WAY Prettier than Mommy

Things heard around the Faulk house lately… with a random picture of the girls napping on Papi thrown in. Enjoy!

Ana to me, when I was asking her about a boo-boo she had, brushing me off, “Oh, Mommy, don’t worry about me.” Sure, like that’s gonna happen.

Emma to me, after Wes kept getting the lyrics to a song wrong, “Papi doesn’t get it.” Oh, Emma, this is only the beginning of you believing that Papi just “doesn’t get it.”

Ana, after I asked which one of the girls I should eat for breakfast, “Me, because I am so yummy and tasty!” And here I thought you were just stringy and bitter! Joking… kind of.

Me to Emma, “Who do you look like?” Emma to me, “I look like Mommy.” Me to Emma, in a whisper, “You are WAY prettier than Mommy.” Emma to me, also in a whisper, “I know.” Ha!

Ana, as she, Emmy, and I were searching the church for Wes, “Where is our husband?!” Either someone has it mixed up or I’ve just fallen into a very bizarre version of Sister Wives.

Emma to me, “My friend Crocky lives in Africa.” Me to Emma, with no idea who “Crocky” is, “Really?” Emma to me, “Yes. But Africa is FAR away. We cannot visit him today.” Me to Em, “No, probably not. But maybe one day.” Em to me, “Crocky will LOVE me when he meets me. He has a Papi and likes to SING in church. And has a blue dog named Blue.” A pause. “I need a nap.” Obviously.

Ana to me, “Why does Papi have three girls?” Me to Ana, “Because God blessed him.” Ana to me, “Why do we have just one boy?” Me to Ana, “Because God knew that was all we could handle.” Ha!

Emma to me, “I know what Papi’s favorite movie is!” Me to Emma, “What?” Emma to me, “It’s SPORTS!” The movie that never, never ends…

Overheard from the backseat, Ana to Emma, “Well, I like to play a lot. I’m a playboy.” Where does she pick these things up?!

Wes to Ana while showing her an old picture of us, “See? Mommy and I were in love!” Ana to him, “And then you got married.” Not as funny unless you heard the finality with which she said it, as though love officially ended with our vows.

Ana to me, concerning her future career, “I want to be a chef and cook lots of things!” Emma to me, “I want to be a seal in the circus!” Ana wanted to be a gorilla at her age, so I expected some sort of animal aspiration from Em.

Ana, after sounding out some words I had written down, “I CAN REEEEEAAAADDDD!” Well, it’s a start, but I don’t think she’s quite ready for Shakespeare. (This was troubling to Emma, who bemoaned the fact that she can’t read, prompting Ana to say, quite charitably, “Well, Sister, that is why you have to go to SCHOOL next year! I know you will be reading like me soon!”)

Me to Emma, after she had been sitting on the couch staring at me for a few minutes, “Can I help you with something?” Emma to me, “No, I just wanna sit here and look at you, Mommy.” Aww, how sweet… and creepy all at the same time…

Happy Monday!

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