You ever have those moments when you felt like you would explode? When there’s so much going on, so much happening all around you, so much that you’re trying to process… so much that leads you to conclude that you just might pass out or blow completely up at any minute?

I’m having one of those days. Or, to put it more correctly, I’ve been having one of those seasons.

We’ve not been having the best time of our lives lately. We knew, though, before we even became the Faulk family, back when we gave ourselves to know and serve Christ, that life would not be a hayride. Because life, right here and right now? Is just a precursor to eternal joy when we finally behold Christ face to face in His glory. Not that life in these earth suits is all doom and gloom. But life lived for the glory of God is met with opposition from a fallen world… often in the most unexpected places.

But that’s not what this post is about. Because as much as my flesh would like to explode concerning all that is decidedly not a hayride, I know that God intends it for His ultimate glory. And so, I would like to explode right here on my blog and tell you the WONDERFUL truths that we are learning during this not-a-hayride season. An explosion of praise, if you will. Ka-BOOM!

Because we’re walking through this…

… we’ve been blessed to understand Scripture more deeply.

… we know, more now than ever before, that Christ goes before us and stands with us, strengthening our dependence on Him.

… we’re praying on every occasion and in every circumstance.

… we have the amazing opportunity to teach our children what it means to deny self and love others for the glory of God, even when we’re being hurt.

… we’ve been given the gift of re-learning, again, how to trust God with everything.

… we will be stronger, wiser, and all the more Christ-like because of it.

God is good, even in tough situations, and we trust Him to know better than we do, to glorify Himself, and to sustain our spirits even in this fallen world. God is so, so good, and we’re only beginning to see the half of it, thanks to this season…

2 thoughts on “Ka-BOOM!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I just spent a good chunk of time catching up with you all. Those girls sure have a way of making people smile! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these words, even in the midst of your trial. Life can be hard, but God is good. Just cant imagine what these trials would be like without God…


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