This past weekend, we were chan-less.

Ana-chan and Emma-chan (as they were called in Japan) left with Gram and Gramps after school to go pick up Kendall in Dallas then to Alvarado for a weekend slumber party. While I always miss them while they’re gone, I’m always very thankful for a couple of days to relax. This past weekend, I was exceptionally lazy, and before I knew it, the weekend was gone and I had managed to read four entire books in the girls’ absence. FOUR! I’ve since concluded that the girls are saving me from really bad eyesight and future vision problems, since I would likely have this habit every weekend were it not for all of their wonderful distractions. Hooray for the girls!

Wes and I went on a field trip Saturday to the mall. Because Wes loves the mall. (Not really.) It’s a forty minute drive to our nearest mall, so once we get out there, we tend to take our good sweet time since we probably won’t be back twice in the same week. I spent a lot of time at Bath and Body Works, trying out every new lotion they have. (Love this especially!) Wes commented that it seemed strange for them to advertise such tropical, summer fragrances in the middle of winter, but I think that was the point. I was already wishing for the cold temperatures to go away before we stepped in there, but now, I’m REALLY ready to be somewhere warmer.

Speaking of going somewhere warmer, our soon-to-be-here vacation is… well, almost here. (Was that redundant?) We actually went to the mall because we were on a shoe hunt for new shoes for the vacation. I tend to do my shoe shopping at Famous Footwear, where all of their athletic shoes are discounted. When I walked in and saw that Skecher’s Shape Ups were discounted fifty percent (!!!), I told Wes that I was at least going to try on a pair. I put the first pair on, and Wes said, “Those are the goofiest looking shoes in this store.” True, but they were also the cheapest shoe I had set aside to try on. You know, I have no idea if they really do all that they’re supposed to do health/fitness wise, but I figured at that price, this was the best time to give it a try. (And with all the walking I have ahead of me on our vacation, I’ll certainly give those shoes enough steps to really test them out.) Wes continued poking fun of me as I walked around the store in them… until he found the shelf where the men’s Shape Ups were. Long story short, we’re BOTH wearing Shape Ups now. He looks WAY goofier in his than I look in mine, likely because his aren’t pink and super cute. You just can’t have it all, Wes.

We also spent some time this weekend working on Ana’s one hundred day project. You know, the project she herself already completed before we found out that they were actually wanting something totally different. I bought a couple of pink visors and a pack of neon sequins, and Wes counted one hundred out and spelled out Ana’s name with them. I glued them on, and tada! A one hundred day project. (That’s it in the picture.) Because I can’t do for one without doing for the other, I made one for Emma as well, but after all that hot gluing, I figured “Em” was just as good as Emma. And it was.

The girls came home yesterday to much fanfare and celebration. I took bread and cheese to the church and made them grilled cheese sandwiches while Wes prepared for the evening services and they ran laps around the fellowship hall. It’s a big building, so you would think they’d have been exhausted after that, but they were still juiced up for Mission Kids and the evening service. I was (and am!) so glad to have them back… even if they were climbing on me like little monkeys.

And with that, I have a little monkey currently climbing on me and asking WHY I let her big sister leave for school without waking her up. Apparently, I missed the memo that no one gets out of here without first consulting Emma. Will have to remember this for the future…

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