End of January

We’re almost to the end of January… can you believe it? Some Faulkette funnies to celebrate what is sure to be the end of this cold weather! (I hope.)

Ana to me, “You know, there are guys at school who spit in the trash can. And one time, (name of a girl in the class) spit on the carpet in the library, right where we were sittin’!” Took me a while to realize that in Ana’s vocab “spitting” means “throwing up.” Her way of explaining sounded a lot nicer… kind of.

Wes did a Disney Drill, having the girls act out how they would ride certain rides. At the end of our mock Splash Mountain, Emma yelled out, “Oh, I was so very BRAVE!” Yeah, that huge drop at the end sure seemed small in the comfort of our living room.

Ana, while we were reading a book about Egypt, “Oooohhh… I like that building!” Me to Ana, “That’s a mosque.” Ana to me, “I would like to live there!” Not sure that would be allowed, but you’ve got to aspire to something.

Emma to me, very seriously, while holding my face between her two hands, “THIS will make you precious.” Then, she planted a kiss on my lips. She’s like the Preschool Pope, bestowing blessings.

Ana at the library, when her eye caught the particularly racy cover of a romance novel, “Now, THAT looks like a good book.” I’m going to hope that it was because the book was pink.

Emma, pointing to me while talking with Gram, “Her name is Mommy Jenn!” Surely Gram knew that my first name was “Mommy” since she played a rather big part in naming me.

Ana, concluding her rather lengthy dinnertime prayer, “And, God, thank You for being Yourself.” He can’t NOT be Himself… or, am I limiting Him by saying that? Hmm…

Emma to me, after returning home from a weekend at Gram and Gramps’ house, “Ooooh, I missed you lotso much!” Lotso much is A LOT.

Emma, praying over lunch, “God, thank You for my chicken, and –” Ana, interrupting, “Pssh, pssh! Emma, you don’t have any chicken on your plate!” Emma, after a pause, “Oh… what is this?” Just praise Him for the unidentifiable mystery meat on your plate, Em.

Ana to Emma, when she said she was marrying Papi, “You cannot marry Papi, Emma. You have to marry a boy that does not belong to us. You will have to go find him at the missionary school.” I’m pretty sure she means seminary, where Papi found his very own missionary, if I recall correctly.

Emma, after Ana told Coach on the phone that she was learning the letter N in school, “I wanna tell Coach I’m learnin’ the letter A!” Ana to Emma, “You are NOT learning that letter.” Emma to Ana, “Yes, I am! Listen — A, A, A! See?!” Sounds like she’s already learned it!

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