Valentine Funnies

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Faulkettes! Some funnies to celebrate…

– Ana to me, “Sometimes boys are disgusting.” I can’t argue with this.

– Emma to me after I told her that she should restrict her naked running (seriously) to the bathroom, “But I want to be naked everywhere!” In a perfect world, this wouldn’t be a problem, but…

– Ana, when I told her she would have to take medicine for her fever, “But God will HEAL me if I pray!” Feigning great spiritual insight to get out of medicine? Ingenious, but it didn’t work.

– Emma, after I told her she had to eat all of her chicken, “But my tummy hurts… can I have M&Ms instead?” This was said in all seriousness, as if this was a real option.

– Ana to Nana, on the subject of an iPad app, “Hold on, it’s loading down.” Or maybe just downloading.

– Me to Ana, “I know you have some evil schemes worked out.” Ana to Emma, “Yeah, Emma, I’ve got evil skins.”

– Emma to me, “Adam and Eve were in the garden… and they ate the POISONED APPLE!” Kinda like Snow White, except much, much worse.

– Ana to me, “This is a picture of Jesus. Hold on — let me draw Him some clothes.”

– Emma, screeching with her hand over her eye, “I broke-ed my eye!!!” She thought it was “broke-ed” because she couldn’t see out of it… because her hand was over it. Hmm…

– Ana to me, after Wes gave her a Valentine gift, “I just LOVE him!” And for all the right reasons, I’m sure…

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