A Day with Papi

Valentine’s Day with Papi, woken up early to see these long-coveted dancing dogs.

Valentine’s Day with Papi, running by the church after the preschool Valentine’s party so that she could show him all the valentines she was given. (And so little sister, who had grabbed a couple of sticky snacks out of the valentine box, could get her hands washed and de-stickyfied.)

Valentine’s Day with Papi, driving to Oklahoma City to visit a church member recovering from surgery. (Quite a feat, since she goes by her MIDDLE name, unbeknownst to us, and was in the hospital’s records under her first name, which we had never heard. Turns out Miss Jean is Miss Eva — who knew?)

Valentine’s Day with Papi, eating tortillas and cheese dip, with sopapillas for dessert. (And wearing our napkins on our heads to hide from him.)

Valentine’s Day with Papi, visiting the only Disney Store within a three hour driving distance. Freaking completely out because we never get to go to the Disney Store! (Where there were many unsuccessful attempts to get him to buy us everything in the store. And lots of excitement over ESCALATORS, which we just don’t have many of here in Duncan, as you can imagine.)

Valentine’s Day with Papi, visiting the hospital again and being brave enough to ride the elevator without holding anyone’s hand.

Valentine’s Day with Papi, laughing uproariously at our own jokes on the drive home. (Particularly the ones where we called Papi “silly head” and Emma’s favorite “poo poo pants.” Hilarious, I tell you… if you’re four and three, I guess.)

Valentine’s Day with Papi… so fun!

One thought on “A Day with Papi

  1. Dominique says:

    Lol! Poo poo pants…I hear that all too often from my own resident preschooler who also finds it hilarious to call Philip and me “grandpa and grandma.” I've given up trying to rationalize with her that we could not be grandpa and grandma yet.


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