Disney Pros

We’re back from Walt Disney World! It was thrilling! It was magical! It was exhausting! (As you would well expect. In the words of Ana, around day four of the magic, “I feel like I need to die.” I’m pretty sure everyone feels like that at some point in their WDW vacations, right?)

I’ve looked back at blog posts at our past trips and am a bit sad that I didn’t do a better job of recording the experience for our girls, who are definite Disney pros. (I mean, seriously. Look at that picture of them waiting for the bus to the Magic Kingdom. Disney pros!) I still struggle to get it all done at Disney without losing all of my marbles, but the one thing I, as a mere Disney amateur, can do for the professionals in our midst is to write about what we did so that they can read about it years from now. And so I’ll write probably more than you’ll want to read about our trip… once I finally get our Oklahoma lives back in order. We had no groceries when we got home at midnight last night (this morning?), Ana hasn’t bathed in two days (don’t judge), I’m wearing an old shirt of Wes’s (seeing as how every stitch of clothing I own is dirty), and Charlie is still at the dog hotel, probably wondering if I will ever show up to rescue him. It’s been a little crazy around here, y’all.

But I’m hoping that I can get it all sorted out eventually. And then, I can tell you all about how Emma “illegally” snuck on some rides she was totally too short for, how Ana managed to spend only ten minutes in her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique glamwear, and how the Faulk family saw four seasons in one day. (Snow and scorching humidity, all in one day!)

Till then…

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