Not the Best Time to Paint…

Last night, we started painting the bathroom.

This needed to be done… oh, a year ago. When we had the bathroom tiled, the contractor had the rubber baseboards removed and put in wooden ones, which was what I wanted. But it left huge rips in the paint job, all around the bottom of the walls. We’ve been saying since then that we needed to just re-paint the whole bathroom… and, well… we’ve just been talking and not doing anything!

I cleaned out the garage yesterday, though, and found our painting supplies, prompting us to go and get a can of paint to finally get that job done. I started painting at seven o’clock while Wes got the girls ready for bed. (A conversation that followed this — Wes to Emma, “Come on, I’m going to tuck you in.” Emma to Wes, “But I do not want you. I want Mommy.” She knows how to make a Papi feel loved, doesn’t she?) I had a bit of a headache and a sore throat before I started, and by the time I was done with the first coat, I was feeling completely sick. Today, Emma seems to have the same illness. I still have to do the second coat later on today, but for now? I’m doing exactly what my body is telling me to do. NOTHING. I really wish I could have known how I would be feeling today so that I never would have started this little project, but what can you do?

I have every intention of writing about our Disney trip, just as soon as possible. If I wait much longer, my senility will remove all memory of the trip, and I’ll have to make up the details. And what would be the point of blogging about an imaginary trip? None that I can see, so I’ll try to do this ASAP while my memory is still fresh.

We were asked this weekend exactly why we always go to Walt Disney World. And since there is indeed little variety in our vacation selections, I thought it was a valid question. So, for those of you who were wondering the same thing, here’s why…

1. We like it.

2. From the moment you step on the plane, Disney has everything taken care of for you. They get your bags, they transport you everywhere, your meals are handled, and there’s no stress. For a price, they’ll even take all of your photos for you, thanks to the PhotoPass!

3. Emma enjoys WDW as much as Wes, who enjoys it as much as Ana, who enjoys it as much as me. There’s something for each one of us, and even as the girls age, there are more things that they can enjoy. It’s for ALL ages.

4. It’s a nice escape from reality. When you step on Disney property, you can go a full week without feeling like you’re in the real world. And that’s a great stress reliever.

5. It’s worth every penny. I never leave thinking, “Wow, we didn’t get our money’s worth.” No, I leave every time thinking, “How soon can we get back?!” You won’t be disappointed!

And that was a very nice preamble to the Disney posts that will (hopefully!) go up this week. For now, though, I’m going to lie on the couch here with my very congested and snotty Emmy (literally snotty) and get some rest. Hope your week is going well so far…

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