No Other Place…

Our last day at Walt Disney World…

Sniff, sniff.

You know, I foolishly told Wes about halfway through this vacation, likely when I was delirious with exhaustion, that I felt like I was getting my Disney fill and wouldn’t need to be back anytime soon.

Yeah, right! I had totally gotten over that foolishness by the last day and was not at all happy to see the end of the vacation in sight.

Wes and I began the morning getting the luggage to the Magical Express people and kissing it goodbye (the luggage, not the people), seeing as how we wouldn’t be reunited with it until we were back in OKC. (Magical Express is the best service ever and TOTALLY makes staying on property worth it if you’re flying into Florida!) We had big plans to use our last snack credits at Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom for breakfast for the girls, but when we got back to Gram and Gramps’ room, they were already in the cookie drawer. And I can’t blame them — mini Nilla wafers are hard to beat! (Oh, and what’s a cookie drawer? We discovered early on in the vacation that Gram had packed probably an entire suitcase worth of kid-friendly snacks and Ziploc bags so that she was always prepared to dole out snacks and treats. The kids figured out Gram’s resourcefulness early on as well, and it made her even more popular than she already was!)

We all said goodbye to Gram and Gramps (who had long ago planned to rent a car and leisurely drive back to Texas) and headed for the Magic Kingdom. I’m so glad our kids all loved the same rides and that everyone was more than content to spend the morning in Fantasyland. (Well, I ventured out of Fantasyland for a funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow. Because the trip isn’t complete until there’s been funnel cake!)

One more time on the carousel, the teacups, Peter Pan, and, of course, Small World…

A quick stop at Philharmagic then one last turn on Dumbo and we were heading back down Main Street and out the park. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I cried a little as we left, noting the irony that we are what we once called Disney freaks. There’s just no other place quite like it. None!

After lunch at Port Orleans, we were on the bus to the Orlando airport then on a plane to Houston. I very nearly exchanged some STRONG words with Emmy on this flight, but she finally gave into her exhaustion and fell asleep… ten minutes before the plane landed. Argh!!! Once we got on the ground in Houston, we were able to eat dinner (Pappasito’s in the airport?! Amazing!), then ran into the Gains as they came in on a later flight, right before we boarded our flight to OKC. We landed in Oklahoma at 10pm and arrived back in Duncan around 11:30pm. What a long day!

We had such a great time at WDW and can’t wait to go back again! (Already working on convincing Wes that a 2012 trip is an excellent idea…)

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