Faulkette Funnies: Springtime!

Heard around here…

– Me to Emma, after noticing that Charlie had started chewing something, “Is Charlie chewing one of your toys?” Em to me, “No, he just chewin’ his leg.” Oh, well, if that’s all…

– Emma to Ana, “I’m sorry for hitting you.” Aww… Ana to Emma, “I’m sorry for stabbing you.” What?!

– Ana to Wes, “You’re my big, fat gorilla.” And when Mommy laughed at this, Ana said to Mommy, “And you are my hippo!” Ouch. That’ll teach me to laugh at her big, fat gorilla.

– Emma to me, after overhearing me tell Wes that a place in OKC reminded me of Japan, “Is THIS Japan?!” No, the cars here are WAY too big for this to be Japan…

– Ana to Emma, after trying to guess what movie I had just put in the DVD player, “Oh, I was wrong.” Emma to Ana, “Yeah, you were. And I was right.” Such humility!

– Me to Ana, “Papi’s full name is Wesley Taylor Faulk.” Ana, laughing uproariously, “That sounds like Wesley Tator Tot!” By golly, it sure does!

– Ana to Emma, “Emma, sometimes the losers will be wonners, and the wonners will be losers.” And this is what she got from us telling her that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. Works except when she’s first, then she lets you know that she is DEFINITELY the “wonner.”

– Emma, on the subject of what her married name will be, “I will be Mrs. Love!” Ana, never to be outdone, “And I will be Mrs. Worry!” And so they’ve described their personalities.

– Ana to me, “Hey! I sawed that yesterday!” Me to Ana, “You SAW that.” Ana to me, “Yeah, I sawed it!”

– Emma to Wes, while she was parading a half dressed Ariel Barbie around, “Well, her prince will like her better without her shirt on!” (Only funny because it was said with nothing but the purest, most innocent, “being nekkid is awesome!” attitude that only Emma has.)

– Ana to Emma, “Emma, will you please shut your mouth?” Emma to Ana, “I sure will!” Only because she said please, of course.

– Ana to Emma, “I will make you dog burgers for lunch.” Run, Charlie, run!

– Wes to Ana, “Who is Easter about?” Ana to Wes, “Jesus.” Wes to Ana, “And what did Jesus do on Easter?” Ana to Wes, “He went and found an egg that had blue M&Ms in it.” Because if anyone knows where the M&M egg is, it’s Jesus.

– Ana, as we were working out in the yard, “You know, dirt is dirty.” Astute observation.

– Ana, on the subject of the Chinese calendar, “Emma was born in the pig!” In the year of the pig, that is.

– Emma, after watching a rodeo, “I want to be a cowgirl and ride a horse!” Ana to Emma, “And I want to ride an octopus!” ???

Wednesday night already?! Busy week, update to come…

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