Sundays are for Book Reviews: Choosing Forgiveness

I’ve just recently finished reading Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book Choosing Forgiveness. It has convicted me on just about every possible level and challenged me beyond what I could express in this review. I will try to do it justice, but it really has to be read to be fully appreciated.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss has written many books full of biblical wisdom for women, and in this one, she sticks to what she knows best — Scriptural truth. She approaches the subject of forgiveness with great sensitivity and gentleness, understanding that many people have unspeakable things to forgive. By telling the stories of others and using Scripture, she walks readers through the hows and whys of forgiveness — what forgiveness is and isn’t, how we can even begin to forgive, and why refusing to do so will hurt us more than anyone who has done us harm. Her words are challenging, as she never backs down from some of the hard truths of Scripture, yet she relates to those who are suffering with compassion and sincerity.

Forgiveness is not easy. But as we study the Bible and strive to be like Christ, we can forgive on levels we never thought possible. This book only helps to illuminate that process and its importance, and I highly recommend it.

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