Flying Turtles!

A few moments ago, Em came running into the living room, yelling at the top of her lungs, “HE’S STUCK! HE’S STUCK!”

Me to Em, “Who?”

Em to Me, “Sparkly Turtle is STUCK!”

Me to Em, “Where is he stuck?”

Em to Me, “In the FAN!”

Me to Em, “The fan?”

Em to Me, “The FAN!”

Me to Em, “You mean, the ceiling fan?”

Em to Me, “Yes! He is stuck up there!”

Me to Em, “How did he get up there?”

A long pause, punctuated by guilty looks and a blank expression.

Em to Me, “I don’t know.”

(Methinks her expression was only blank because she couldn’t think up a story fast enough.)

Me to Em, “Maybe he flew up there, huh?”

Em to me, going with it, “YEAH!”

So, there you have it. Flying turtles in Oklahoma!

One thought on “Flying Turtles!

  1. Random Raging says:

    Hey Jenn,
    This is Angela Parham. Just wanted to say that I so enjoyed this post. Reminds me of when Kermit the Frog flew from ceiling fan at my house- about 7 years ago… Thanks for the laugh!


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