In Between Seasons

I’m posting this picture to show you how wild the seasons have been here in Oklahoma. I dressed Ana at 7am that morning… in winter clothes, which was appropriate for the current temperature. Emma woke up after Ana was at school, and I dressed her at 9am… in summer clothes, which was appropriate for the current temperature. Oklahoma, make up your mind! Is it winter or summer?!

Fortunately, we’re prepared for both now that we have our super duper new high-efficiency air conditioner. Ooooohhhh, aaaaahhhh… They installed it last Friday, and we were able to use it over the weekend when temperatures got a little warm outside. I even got cold at some points which means that Wes, for the first time since we’ve lived here likely, was actually comfortable. The gentleman who installed the unit came back yesterday morning to finish up some duct and vent work (that we’ve really needed to get done) and to give me the final bill. My hand cramped up several times while writing that check, but the unit is all paid for now. Come on, summer!

Before we can get to the summer, we have to finish out the school year. Ana has more parties and graduation (from preschool!) activities on the calendar than I would have thought possible for a four year old. I’m anticipating an even busier year next year when Emma has her own events to add to the calendar. It’s a good thing that Wes and I are boring people and don’t add too much to the calendar ourselves; otherwise, none of us would ever stop running!

Speaking of running, we’re still running. I have to add that because when the temperature dipped into the thirties earlier this week, I was doubting that I could actually make it happen. I bundled Emma up right after we took Ana to school, got her cozy in the stroller, and we headed out in the worst wind that I have ever experienced here. (Our back gate was thrown open in the middle of the night, and our basketball goal moved all the way across the driveway!) We accomplished three miles that morning, and at some points, I think I was running in place because the wind was pushing so hard from the other direction. Em’s hair was standing about a foot off her head once we got back to the house. Wild wind, y’all!

Oh, and I’ve decided that keeping two blogs — this one and a running blog — is more work than I can handle right now, so I’m putting all the posts here. I don’t have enough readers that I think it will make any kind of difference, but if you can’t stand to hear about running, just feel free to not read those posts as I post them. It won’t hurt my feelings. (Because I won’t even know!)

I’m expecting to lose some readers soon anyway because we’ve left Facebook. Yes. Again. This time I think it will take, though, because Wes’s account was hacked into and all kinds of disgusting stuff was posted in his name. He was understandably horrified by this, so we’re done with Facebook. I’m figuring that my productivity is about to go through the roof, y’all. Anyway, if you’re reading this and you normally got blog updates from Facebook (and are wanting to still get them), you can subscribe to this blog by email or by following from your own blog. If you have no idea how to do that, let me know, and I’ll be happy to help.

Emma has just finished up her breakfast and is staring at me. And Charlie has just finished off her leftovers and is staring at me. (It’s remarkable how similar these two are sometimes!) Better go and figure out what they’re wanting me to do…

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