Babies in Her Tummy

Some Faulkette funnies…

– Ana at McDonald’s, “I think I would like to be a cook here.” Finally, a real career aspiration! (She’s just wanted to be a gorilla up until this point.)

– Me to Emma, “Do you want to go barefoot?” Emma to me, “No, I want to go naked feet!” (Pronounced “nekkid-feet.”)

– Ana to Emma, while playing pretend, “Okay, I will be Snow White, and you will be Jesus.” (Always interesting pairings in Faulk pretend play.)

– Emma to me, when I asked who made such a huge mess in the playroom, “It was probably some teeny tiny people.” (Yes, teeny tiny people named Ana and Emma!)

– Ana to me, when I told her we needed to get her bangs cut, “You know, I think we could probably do it ourselves with a pair of your scissors.” (Been there, done that. And won’t be doing it again, thankyouverymuch.)

– Em to me, “I think I have a baby in my tummy.” Uh oh. Then, coming out of her room later with three dolls and a bear in her arms, “I had FOUR babies!” (That was quick labor, especially for multiples!)

3 thoughts on “Babies in Her Tummy

  1. Jon Taylor says:

    I just happened to think about the Faulkette Funnies you posted and decided to check out your FB page. You've disappeared! Anyways, I've enjoyed the girls' funny sayings and I can't wait to see what Carter comes up with. Hope your family is doing well.



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