Wes Faulk, Master of Deception

So, in case you’ve missed the hype over on Facebook, we’ve changed our running plans. Back when all of this started, Wes and I both intended to run a half marathon in the fall of 2012. It was a lofty goal indeed for two decidedly non-athletes. During the month of April, we worked ourselves up to three miles… then Wes just randomly ran five miles one night. For real? I refused to be swayed in our careful, slow climb to 13.1 miles despite what my husband was doing, so I just kept right on with my route.

Until Wes came in and told me that he had run 7.7 miles. To which I said, “You are a FREAK, my friend.” He agreed, then suggested that I step up my training just a bit. “Just four miles!,” he proclaimed as he mapped out my new route. I hit the pavement immediately and at the end of an hour, I jogged the rest of the way to our driveway, where Wes was waiting for me. “That wasn’t too hard!,” I told him, kind of shocked at the ease of it. Wes smiled and said, “That wasn’t four miles. It was 5.4 miles.” He tricked me! Tricked me, I tell you!

Apparently, Wes thinks we’ve been underachievers. Correction: Wes thinks I’ve been an underachiever. As I stood there even more shocked at the distance (and I had my worries when I looked at the time and wondered why my “fourth mile” was taking twice as long as it should have), he explained that I always run the distance he suggests but never push myself any farther. So by deceiving me (ahem), he showed me that I could be working a bit harder.

And? Dare I say it? We could do more than a half marathon. And we could probably do it before the fall of 2012.

So, it looks like we’ll be doing a MARATHON in the early part of 2012. This is insanity to me, and on my own, I would probably not attempt it. But because I have someone alongside me to trick me into running farther and faster than I ever have before… I might as well give it my best, right?

Stay tuned…

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