April Funnies

– Ana to me, “I went to the Swamp Meet with Gramps.” (Pretty sure she meant Swap Meet… but you never can tell!)

– Emma, upon seeing her Easter dress, “It’s my WEDDING dress! I’m going to be so pretty!” Me to Emma, “Who are you going to marry?” Emma to me, “I don’t know.” (Dress first, groom later, I suppose.)

– Ana, praying for Denis, one of our Compassion children, “And I hope Denis is getting lots of snacks. But just the kind of snacks he likes. I pray we will ALL get the kind of snacks we like, Jesus.” (Not sure this was meant for Jesus’s ears or for Mommy’s, as I apparently have been buying the wrong kind of snacks.)

– Emma to me, during a thunderstorm, “There was a scary noise!” Me to Emma, “Well, that’s just what it sounds like when God’s watering the animals.” Emma to me, “But I do not LIKE it when God waters the animals!” (Tough luck, animals — no more water for you!)

– Ana, upon finding a magazine in the hospital waiting room called “Predator XTreme” that had a picture of a coyote on the front, “Look! It’s a magazine all about Charlie!” (I’m sure Charlie would love living the life of a coyote…)

– Emma, while dressing her stuffed bear Karma in a Spurs basketball uniform, “She’s going to be a sports jibber-jabber player.” (We call all ESPN shows around here “sports jibber-jabber” because all they do is jibber jabber on and on and on. Guess Emma thought “sports jibber-jabber” was the real word.)

– Ana to me, “Jesus was eating and drinking with sinners.” Me to Ana, “Who’s a sinner?” Ana to me, “I don’t know.” Me to Ana, “We’re all sinners.” Ana to me, “Even Uncle Ben?” (Don’t know why Uncle Ben has been elevated to sainthood, but this is reminiscent of the time that Uncle Chris was dying for our sins.)

– Emma, praying at night, “God, thank You for letting me take care of Mommy when she was sick.” (I guess that’s what she was doing when she kept rubbing my arms. It actually did make me feel better.)

– Me to Ana, “Would you like to pick out a movie to watch?” Ana to me, “I would be honored.” (Because a simple “yes” wouldn’t have been sufficient.)

– Emma to me, “I’m Snow White! And I was dead in Dopey’s bed. But then the prince kissed me. And Dopey was very glad.” (Well, it got the dead woman out of his bed and the police off his back, most likely. And with a name like Dopey, he was already surrounded by a cloud of suspicion.)

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