Bestowed by Ana

I mixed up the sandwiches tonight and handed a peanut butter sandwich to Ana and a grilled cheese sandwich to Emma. Ana pointed out my mistake to me (very politely), and I switched the sandwiches, apologizing as I did so. Ana clasped her hands together and said…

“Your sins are forgiven.”

I gave her a funny look, so she added, “Well, that’s what God says. Because of what Jesus did. Your sins are forgiven.”

Forgiveness from God, purchased by Christ, and bestowed by Ana.

There you go.

(Oh, and that picture is of Ana in her Pre-K graduate shirt. All of her classmates wore them today on the Kiddieland trip. She requested that I post a picture of her unsmiling self on the computer so that, I quote, “Nana and Coach and Gram and Gramps can see my pretty shirt!”)

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