Happy birthday, Wes…

Wes turned thirty this weekend.

Long ago, I had grand plans of making his thirtieth birthday as amazing as he made my thirtieth birthday, but when the time came, all he wanted was a weekend away. So, I obliged… LAST weekend. (Because, believe it or not, Major League Baseball didn’t build their at home playing schedule around Wes’s birthday. How dare they!)

It was a fun weekend that included staying in a swanky hotel in downtown Fort Worth (thanks to a great deal on hotwire.com), spending birthday money at this great store (just down the road from where we lived as newlyweds), and running long distances on a treadmill. I’ll say this for running on a DREADmill — it makes running outside so much sweeter. Running, running, running and getting nowhere, all while fearing that you’ll fall Biggest Loser style and fly off the back of the thing? Not my idea of a relaxing run, y’all.

This Saturday was Wes’s real birthday, and we began the festivities with a seven mile run before sunrise. (For those who are wondering, Wes wakes up and runs at 5am, then wakes me up to run as soon as he gets back home. This way, the girls can sleep in, we can run while it’s still relatively cool outside, and we don’t sit around dreading/anticipating the run all day long.) That might not sound like such a great start to a birthday, but after running on those dreadmills last week, this was a breeze. It was (dare I say it?!) actually enjoyable. I dreaded this whole training process when Wes shifted from our no rhyme or reason method to an actual expert’s method, but I’m beginning to think it works. Okay, so I know it works, because there’s no way I’d still be running if I had been doing it my way. Hooray for people who know more than we do! (Which is roughly everyone in the world of running.)

Anyway, the rest of the birthday was low-key. After eating some Chinese food for lunch, we waited for the end of the world to come. And when that didn’t happen, we kept right on watching the Harry Potter marathon that was on TV.

We’re back to a normal schedule now… except the girls and I can’t seem to figure out what that looks like now that Ana’s out of school. Hmm. I know we’ll need to spend some time this summer getting Emma ready for preschool (ie, training those little hands to hold a pencil the right way, work a pair of scissors, and trace like no one’s business), but it remains to be seen how we’ll fit it into all the different things going on at church. I can’t believe it’s already summertime again!

Better go and get started on the mountain of laundry that awaits me…

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