Summer Funnies

– Ana, interrupting the Bible story I was telling, “Yeah, his name was Lazarus, and he was dead for four years, and Mary did not want Jesus to make him alive because he was so stinky.” If it was indeed four years, he was well beyond the stinky stage.

– Emma, sighing when I told her the exciting events I had planned for the day, “I would like to go to Walt Disney World instead.” Well, wouldn’t we all?

– Ana, praying over dinner, “God, You are the greatest guy in the world.” Not sure what this had to do with dinner, but okay.

– Emma to me, at the grocery store, “Oh, there’s a porcupine! I love those!” Me to Em, “I think that’s a pineapple.” Emma to me, “Oh, well, I love those, too.”

– Ana, concerning the movie we watched while she and Emma watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with Nana and Coach, “You saw Pirates in the Care-uh-ben.” The Care-uh-ben sounds like a lovely vacation destination.

– Emma to me, “Are we going to get rid of Charlie?” Me to Emma, “We’re not going to get rid of Charlie.” Emma to me, “But we got rid of BC.” Me to Emma, “No, BC died.” Emma to me, “Well, Charlie will die soon.” Wow. Tough luck, Chuck!

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