Ten Miles

An update on the Faulks…

– Everyone is well again! After a long week of strep throat, Ana and Wes are both back to normal. I was so sure that Emma and I were going to catch it from them, but so far, we’re not showing any signs. And since they’re both already finished with their antibiotics, I think it would have shown itself by now, right? (Crossing my fingers, my arms, my legs, my eyes… please let the strep be gone!)

– We spent the last part of the week helping Wes catch up on all that he had to put off earlier. This past week was the only week of June that something wasn’t happening at the church, which means that it was the prime time to recuperate from all that has already happened and prepare for the last item on the agenda — Falls Creek. We’ve been getting everything ready for youth camp and getting ourselves prepared for less sleep than normal, thanks to the high numbers of junior high boys we’re taking this year. Wheee!!! (Honestly, though, we LOVE youth camp and really, really look forward to this time of year, abundance of junior high boys and all.)

– Our shower has been increasingly jealous of all the attention our AC unit has been getting over the past year. As a result, it began acting out with some dripping issues. About the time we replaced the AC unit (which should have been a stern warning to all of the appliances — you can be replaced!), the shower convinced the toilet to start making scary, scary sounds. This resulted in a potty visit that will leave Ana forever scared and scarred, never to fully trust a potty ever again. About the time we got ready to teach the shower a lesson for helping to traumatize our firstborn, it refused to turn off. Just refused. So, it finally got the attention it was craving. The plumber came out and fixed the toilet, fixed the shower, fixed the other showerhead (yes, the other one), and because he was already here, replaced the leaky kitchen faucet which had been enigmatically installed completely backwards by the previous owner of our house. Just another nutty day at the Faulk house. (I’m totally loving the new kitchen faucet, though!)

– I ran ten miles last night. I may have hallucinated at some point during the last mile because I finished with my arms in the air, singing along to Funkytown. I should probably find a more fitting song to close my playlist, but since that was THE FIRST TIME I’VE EVER RUN TEN MILES (woo-hoo!), I had no idea where I would be on the playlist when I reached the end. (For the record, our next door neighbor likely thinks we’re both nuts, not just because the plumber spent all day with us, carrying out numerous faucets and not because I was yelling, “Won’t you take me to, FUNKY-TOOOOWWWWN!,” but because I ran by her house twice in an hour, once at mile five and again at mile ten. I looked good on the first pass, but she was probably tempted to call an ambulance on the second. The singing probably only added to that temptation.)

– Still, though. Ten miles. Who would have ever guessed I could run ten miles? Not me, that’s for sure!

– And for your enjoyment, here’s a picture of Emma helping me stretch before that run. Doesn’t this look helpful? It most definitely helped my heart, which is why she and Ana are the two best coaches a girl could have.

That’s it for now. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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