Birthday Girl Funnies

A week from today, we’ll have a five year old and a three year old. For a day, at least. To celebrate the birthday girls, here are some current funnies…

– Ana to me, “Can we go to Brazil one day and meet all the other Anas?” Said to me after I told her that Ana is a very, very popular name in Brazil. Now I’m sure she’s imagining a whole country full of girls exactly like her. An overwhelming idea, indeed.

– Emma to me, while listening to the song from Splash Mountain, “Who is this rabbit?” Me to Emma, “Brer Rabbit.” Emma to me, “Why do we not have his movie?” Me to Em, “Umm…” How to explain to my preschooler why Disney hasn’t released this one lately…

– Ana to me, “I love myself more than I love Emma. But not more than I love God!” Self-aware and pious all at the same time.

– Me to Emma, after I spilled a drink and she apologized, “You don’t need to say you’re sorry. I’m the one who spilled the drink!” Emma to me, “Then, YOU should say I’m sorry to ME!”

– Ana to me, regarding her imaginary friend, Sally, “Well, she found Piglet’s Big Movie II at Braum’s.” Me to Ana, “She found it at Braum’s?” Ana to me, “Oh, yes, and she had to drive a long way because she’s from Fifth Worth, and Braum’s is only in Duncan. You know?” Pretty sure Fifth Worth is Fort Worth and that Duncan is not the only town with a Braum’s and that there is no Piglet’s Big Movie II, but other than that…

– Ana to me, “I need a vegetable in my life.” Probably so, but we haven’t found one that she’s willing to settle down with yet.

– Emma, singing/yelling while marching across the church lawn, “I have de-cided to follow Gia!” Me to Emma, “Who’s Gia?” Emma to me, “I’m sayin’ JESUS!” Carry on, then.

– Ana to me, after I thanked her for “running” in the jogging stroller with me, “Well, I took a little nap on the way home. But just a little one!” Best way to end a run, in my opinion.

– Me to the girls, “Well, Japan beat the US.” Emma, “Hooray for ME!” Ana, “Oh! Why couldn’t MY country win?!” Awesome.

– Ana to me, “I wish I had a babysitter.” Me to Ana, “Don’t you want me to stay at home with you?” Ana, “Yeah… but I wish I had a babysitter.” Well, she could pay me to watch her — would that work out better?

– Emma to Ana, holding out a pair of pants, “Help me!” Ana to Emma, while helping her put them on, “Emma, can you not do this by yourself?” Emma to Ana, “No, it is TRICKY!” Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time… except for Emma, who has her big sister do it for her.

– Me to Ana, “We get to clean the house today!” Ana to me, “Oh, that will not be any fun.” Welcome to the real world, kiddo.

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