Faulkette Funnies

Ana to me, while we were on the computer, “Did you get an i-mail?” (Hey, I’m impressed that she knew there was such a thing, even if she is confused on the name.)

Emma to me, “I know how to drive a car. You turn this way, then this way, then this way.” Me to Emma, “Do you use the gas and brake pedals?” Emma, “Yes, you use the gas.” Me to Emma, “What about the brake?” Emma to me, “No.” (Mental note: let Wes teach Emma to drive.)

Me to Ana, when she started cheering for the winner on WipeOut after cheering for another player during the whole show, “I thought the other girl was your favorite.” Ana to me, “No, whoever wins is my favorite.” (A fair-weather fan is born…)

Emma, when WipeOut (which is a favorite, obviously) came on, “It’s OUTBACK!” (They do both have “out” in the name…)

When Ana and Emma were racing one another around the house and Emma mysteriously disappeared, Wes to Emma, once he saw her sitting in the kitchen, “Why aren’t you running?” Emma to Wes, “I got tired.” (It’s like Mommy always says for herself –she may not win the race, but she’ll get to the finish line… eventually.)

Ana to Emma, who was lying on the ground, “Stand up. Stand up for Jesus.” (Once she does, she’s going to lift high His royal banner.)

Me to Emma, as she pointed to a boo boo, asking for a band aid, “You’re not bleeding. You don’t need a band aid.” Emma to me, checking her body for another boo boo, “Maybe I’ve got another one.” (Anything for a band aid!)

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