Around Here…

Only three more days until school starts… and Mommy is HOME ALONE for the first time in five years! Well, home alone for two hours since Emma is only going to half-day Pre-K.

I haven’t blogged much lately because there hasn’t been too much out of the ordinary to blog about. We’ve been finishing up the summer, getting ready for school, spending all of our free time with the girls before they start a busier schedule, and doing some “summer farewell” activities with the church. We took the children from church to the zoo a few weeks back, and the church had a big ice cream party after the evening service a week ago. This past weekend, we took the youth group to Frontier City, OKC’s amusement/theme park. I think the temperatures for the day in OKC averaged around 400 degrees and am certain that I would have had a cooler day had I crawled into my oven and set the dial to broil. Nonetheless, the youth had a GREAT time, and so did we, even if we were limited, thanks to the two shorter Faulks, to riding kiddie rides while the teens rode the same handful of roller coasters again and again and again. The good thing about going during the really brutal heat was that there were no lines on anything, so we felt like we had the place to ourselves. So fun!

I went to the ABCs of Pre-K meeting at Emma’s school last night, and while all of the information was the same from last year, it was still exciting (and sad, all at the same time) to hear about the year ahead for Emma. I’m more confident in her readiness than I was in Ana’s at this time last year, thanks largely in part to Ana, who has kept her sister very informed and prepared for all that she’s going to do in her class. Emma even has the same teacher that Ana had, so I’m anticipating and hoping for just as smooth a transition for her as we had for Ana. We have Meet the Teacher night for both girls tomorrow night, and Ana is excited to finally see the inside of her school. We know a few of the children from her Pre-K class are going to be at the same elementary school (Duncan has four different ones), so she’s keeping her fingers crossed that some of them made it into the same kindergarten class. So am I!

Marathon training continues on. I made the mistake of working in our garage last week in my bare feet, and I managed to step on a piece of glass. I was worried that I would miss a lot of training, but it only took me out for a day, then I was back up to ten miles on the weekend. We registered for our second half marathon, which will be happening early in September. We had been on the fence about doing another one between September and the full marathon, but would you believe it? The dates that half marathons near us were being held were days on our training schedule that called for mileage higher than 13.1 miles. I never thought I’d get to the point that 13.1 miles wasn’t long enough (!!!), but we’re almost there. I think I’m actually going to run a marathon, y’all! (Can you tell I’ve had my doubts?)

I’ll close this non-informative blog post with a picture of the girls, post snazzy school haircuts. Enjoy! 🙂

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