Ruined by Disney

Here’s a funny story from Frontier City that I forgot to mention in my last post. Towards the end of the day, Emma rode the log ride with Papi, and Ana kept calling it Splash Mountain, thanks to the big waterfall finish. Now, neither of our girls have been on Splash Mountain (yet), but they’ve watched so many youtube videos of it that they know all the music and the storyline behind the ride. So, when Em got off the log ride at Frontier City, Ana was very curious about it and began asking a series of questions…

Ana: What did you see on the ride?

Emma: Lotsa water!

Ana: What else did you see?

Emma: Um… just water.

Ana: What?! Just water?!

Emma: Yeah, lotsa water!

Ana: What about the animals?

Emma: Animals?

Ana: Yeah! What about the animals? You know, the ones that were singing and dancing?

Emma: There were NO animals, Ana! Just WATER!

Ana: WHAT?!

Oh, Walt Disney World. You have RUINED these two children. They now expect to see realistic, well-themed, dancing, and singing animals on ALL log rides! Everything else just pales in comparison to the Bunny Ride…

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