Kindergarten Chat

Em and I spent the afternoon at the church, helping Wes out with some things for the youth. When it came time to pick up Ana, I walked to her school, looking forward to the walk back to the church and all the chatting we could do together.

As it turns out, she had a lot to say. And I barely got a word in, glad to stay silent and mentally record these gems from a very chatty kindergarten student…

“There’s a cowboy house over there. You know, because there’s a furry star on it. But cowboys don’t live in houses, so maybe it’s a place where a gentleman lives.” (Well, there you go.)

“This” (pointing to a shady spot along the way) “is called a breakhunt. Because I’m hunting for a break in this walk.” (She found plenty of “breakhunts” along the way.)

“You know, animals live outside. But Charlie lives inside. He’s not an animal — he’s a pet.” (Charlie’s movin’ on up!)

“Some kids in my class have blood.” (I would hope they ALL do.)

“I did not like the game in PE today. It was tag ball — they were throwing balls at us! And it made a lot of kids cry! I do not think I would like to play that again.” (Dodgeball, perhaps? And can’t say that I blame her…)

“It hurts when we get naked in the grass.” (She was talking about her naked feet. Must make sure she always clarifies this!)

“Well, when we started learning in our class today, I got nervous because I was hungry.” (I don’t have a clue what this is about.)

“Can you carry me? Because then, I won’t have to walk anymore.” (Said probably 1/4 of the way into our walk. I, of course, obliged.)

So many things to talk about!

One thought on “Kindergarten Chat

  1. Sandi says:

    I really wonder why a PE teacher's playing dodgeball with kindergartners. It was part of the reason I hated PE, until I found dance team – the short girl's always the target…


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