Fall Faulkette Funnies

I declare this the beginning of fall. Because I can do that, right? May we never again see 113 degrees! Here are some Faulkette funnies to celebrate…

– I tried to start the girls chanting, “We demand donuts!” one day before church so that Wes would hear them. Ana, “We demand donuts!” Emma, “We da bad donuts!” Oh, we ARE da bad donuts.

– Ana, singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” just great until, “The home of the tree and the brain!” What?!

– Ana, after asking that I refill her milk, “You know, you don’t have to do ALL the work at this house. Your family should help you.” Says the girl who just asked me to do more work!

– Ana, gazing at me, “When you’re a grandma, I’ll remember when you were pretty.” Because I surely won’t be then.

– Me to Emma, “You have a runny nose!” Emma to me, “No, it’s a stucky nose.” I’m guessing that “stucky” is a descriptive word for congested.

– Ana to me, “They gave me a tator-pop at school.” Me to Ana, “A tator-pop?” Ana to me, “Yeah, it’s a cracker with some white frosting and some sprinkles.” Bonus points if you can guess what this “tator-pop” was. (Hint — there’s a large picture of one on this blog post.)

– Ana to me, “Does it hurt when a baby explodes out of a mommy’s tummy?” Actually, that would probably hurt less than what really happens, but no need to scare the girl this far out. “Not at all, Ana… not at all!” (By the way, this followed a long conversation prompted by Emma saying, “Babies eat what their mommies eat because it goes RIGHT to them in the tummy!,” then Ana saying, “But how do those babies get in the mommy? Does the mommy eat the baby to get it in there?” It was an interesting conversation…)

– Emma, showing me a coloring page a friend gave her at school, with no small amount of incredulity, “She knows how to spell my name!” Her classmate’s name? Emma. (But she was right — the “other Emma” had written “Emma F” and “Emma H” on the coloring sheet. Two different names!)

Till next time…

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