Cooler Routine

Now that it’s cooler outside, I’ve noticed a big difference in Charlie. During the days when the temperature was over one hundred degrees, he was a giant sloth, wallowing around in his misery, shedding half his fur everywhere, and “lazing” all of his time away. With the change in the air, though, he’s become energetic, active, excited, and generally obnoxious in his autumn glee.

The same can be said of us. (Minus the obnoxious part, I hope.) We suddenly have energy again and are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Not that the summer was dull, but we did spend part of it walking around like zombies, trying to accomplish everything on our to-do list. We’re no longer zombies! Well, not most of the time anyway.

We’re back on a normal mileage-building running schedule again. Those two weeks after the last half marathon were a little lighter, probably to help us recover and catch our breath. I seemed to have bruised my foot in the interim somehow (who knows how I manage to do these things), but I’m having some very harsh motivational chats with it, determined that I won’t be sidelined for any of the training.

The girls are training as well… if by training you mean that they’re getting very excited about the next race, which has little to do with the race and everything to do with the location of the race. Emma is most excited about the Tiki Room, where she assures me that “they got RID of Jiago!” Jiago is Emma’s name for Iago, and like all Disney purists, Em didn’t appreciate his rudeness in the Tiki Room and has been ready to see the old version (which she’s never seen) since it re-opened in August. I hope it lives up to her expectations. Ana is excited about her Mickey race (the kids’ race) and about being pushed in her stroller through Epcot during the family 5K, which we’re running solely because of the theme and Ana’s intense love for it. Though the RunDisney official we spoke to could not confirm that rumor that the 5K theme this year is the Three Caballeros (including Ana’s beloved Mexico Donald), he told Wes that it was a very, very, very accurate guess. Ana and Emma will both get their own Three Caballeros medals after the race, even though Mommy, Papi, and Coach are going to be the ones running and pushing the strollers. Win, win! For them at least. They have been doing some serious cross training on their bicycles, which was a whole lot of drama in and of itself when Ana fell underneath her bike over the weekend. But she’s stronger because of it… and insistent that next time, we provide some knee pads and elbow pads. Up next, a suit of armor for Ana to wear while she exercises!

Wes and I got to go up to Emma’s school last week to help with their Apple Celebration. You don’t have an Apple Celebration day on your calendar? Neither have we until now, but it was quite the festive day at Pre-K. Wes volunteered us for the painting table for reasons I still don’t fully understand. (Four year olds and paint don’t mix. At least not without messes galore!) We had so much fun with Emma and her classmates and are so glad that we get to be a part of days like this one. I’ve started going up to Ana’s school once a week to help out with some paperwork/prep work for her teacher while Emma is in school, so I feel like I’m getting to be a part of what Ana is doing, too. So thankful for great schools and wonderful teachers here in Duncan!

Well… I thought I had more to blog about. But I clearly don’t! This is a slow blogging season, probably because we are FINALLY in a routine. I won’t complain…

One thought on “Cooler Routine

  1. Sandi says:

    I was not only “room mother” for most of Wes' school days, but volunteered as reading mom and other classroom duties – it was some of the best stuff I did – so happy you're in on the fun as well!


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