Not That Easy Being Peach

Ana to me, “I know about Jesus. I’ve seen pictures of Him. He looks like you, Mommy. Except with longer hair.” Not sure which part of this to correct first…

Wes to Emma, “What did you learn in school today?” Emma to Wes, “We do NOT eat glitter.” That’s a good lesson to learn.

Me to Emma, after she face-planted outside the church this morning, “What would make you feel better?” Emma to me, sobbing, “Pizza would make it better!” This is a delicious upgrade from Mommy’s medicinal kisses.

Ana to me, “I think I’ve eaten a MILLION candy corn!” It was more like five, but when you’re only thirty-five pounds that probably feels like a million.

Ana to me after school, “Today, Eli and I went to the diamond center. He always makes good choices.” I’d say so, if he’s taking such a cute girl anywhere that diamonds are involved.

Emma to me, waiting for Wes to come home, “I think I would like to surprise Papi. Either that, or SCARE him.” Go with the scary approach — so much more entertaining.

Ana, after falling at the after-school pick-up and requesting to be carried, “I CAN’T MOVE MY KNEES!” Emma to Ana, with a great sigh, “At my school, when I got-ded an ouchie, I could still walk.” Some of us were born tougher than others, Emma.

Emma to me, with great sadness, “Kermie doesn’t want to be green.” Because “it’s not that easy being green,” don’t you know. (This prompted Ana to come up with her own song about how difficult her life is, entitled “It’s not that easy being peach.”)

Ana to me, “EVERYONE goes to Wal Mart!” Emma to Ana, “Not God.” Perhaps the Lord’s absence at the Supercenter is why I so easily find myself wanting to scream and have meltdowns in their crowded grocery aisles. Hmm…

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