Great Book!

After years of feeling that she was second best and would never fit in, Mary Lynn and her husband, Jackson, have finally arrived. They’re part of the highest social class in Charleston, South Carolina, fielding invitations, events, and membership into all the best clubs. They have their three daughters on track to become well-learned young ladies, prepped for the best colleges in the country, and their lives just continue to get better and better… on the surface, at least. The truth is that their daughters are struggling under the pressure, Jackson is angry and unsettled, and Mary Lynn can’t help but feel that even as they have it all, something is still missing. When she begins to get serious about the Bible study group she’s become a part of, she prays for her husband to come to a saving faith. He does, and suddenly, their lives are changing faster than Mary Lynn would like them to. Will Jackson drive them all to social suicide and losing everything they’ve worked so hard for because of his newfound, out loud faith?

This book was a wonderful read. Hart does an excellent job of detailing a life and culture that is foreign to me — elite, rich Southern society. She paints her characters vividly, and nothing about her prose seems cheesy or contrived.

Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing me with a free copy of this book. All opinions are mine entirely.

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