Disney Funnies

We leave for Walt Disney World tomorrow. The girls are beyond excited and can’t stop talking about all things Disney-related…

– Ana, “You know, Walt Disney World is the place where MOST dreams come true.” This, after looking at this website…

– Emma, “Well, Wall-E got bitted by the bug on Belle’s ride!” And with that, she has connected Wall-E, A Bug’s Life, and Beauty and the Beast in a way that no one has thought up before. (And invented a whole new ride in the process!)

– Ana, “I cannot fly, so I should ask Peter Pan to give me some pixie dust.” Matter-of-factly to me, “Because he did that for Donald. And now Donald can fly.” Pretty sure this has something to do with Philharmagic, but seeing as how Donald is a duck… well, couldn’t he ALWAYS fly? These are questions that keep me awake at night.

– Emma, “I will be scared on Space Mountain. Scared of falling down! So I will hold onto Papi’s pants.” This will make Papi’s pants fall down, which will be a whole other kind of scary. (I kid. It will be HILARIOUS.)

– Ana, on the subject of Mommy running 26.2 miles around Walt Disney World, “You should stop and eat at a restaurant along the way!” If only the race officials would allow a mid-race sit-down meal…

– Emmy, on Pirates and the song they sing, “Yo ho, yo ho, don’t poo poo in your pants!” We’re two years past potty training, and yet that song is still her favorite. I’m half convinced that she thinks those are the actual words.

– Ana, on the subject of Journey Into Imagination, “His name is Figlet.” Actually, it’s Figment, but Figlet is a good name, too.

– Emma, singing the Splash Mountain song, “Walt Disney World is my laughing place – ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Many, many smiles and laughs to come…

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