Just a quick update…

– Everyone in the Faulk family has had the flu at some point during this past week. Wes had it, then Em had it, then I had it, and Ana finished it up this weekend. High fevers, coughing, headaches, and general blah feelings were aplenty for a full week. I think we’re done now, though. Ana is back at school this morning, and for that, we’re very thankful.

– Em told me on Saturday that she wanted to see Gram and Gramps. After a week at WDW with Coach and Nana whenever she wanted them, I guess she figured it was her turn with the other grandparents. Long story short, she managed to get them to come and get her so that she could spend a few days at their house. I missed her before she even left, but this way, I can continue the never ending process of unpacking in peace.

– And speaking of unpacking and the move and changing CLIMATES completely in the process, we had to turn on our AC. In January. Unbelievable!

– Our house in Oklahoma is still on the market. Still being shown frequently and multiple times to some of the same folks. (Our realtor suspects they’re waiting on their tax refund to make an offer.) In the meantime, we’ve finally crunched the new numbers and discovered that we will have just enough to cover the expense of two residences. We were going by faith at first, not knowing what the new salary would look like but knowing that we couldn’t stop paying our mortgage in Oklahoma or living on the streets here, and sure enough, God provided just enough. Why did we ever worry? We’re trusting Him with the sale of our house in His timing, to just the right people.

– The girls started AWANA here at MBC last week. I finally found Em’s Cubbies vest in one of our many boxes, so she’s set. Ana is working through the introduction book for Sparks and is super excited. I thought they’d be sad to be in separate classes, but they don’t seem to mind at all. Color me surprised!

– Ana is really enjoying her new school. We’re still figuring out how all the new routines work here, but Ana has adjusted more quickly than me. I keep waiting for some part of this move to be challenging for her, but so far nothing is. Well, apart from getting the flu her first full week here, of course.

– We took the girls to a performance of Beauty and the Beast at Pearland HS on Friday night. Em insisted on wearing her Belle dress, making the whole event the next best thing to Walt Disney World. They had so much fun, even if they both caught a few winks during the second act. (It was past bedtime, Ana informed me.)

– We’re back to running this week. Would have been much sooner than this, but the flu will do that to you.

That’s it for now. WDW trip posts soon, I hope…

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