Disney Recaps???

I promise – the Disney recaps are coming soon! I did manage to post about the first day, so that counts for something, right?

We’ve been very busy lately. Life around the house got much more exciting this weekend when Charlie moved in. When we put our house on the market, he went to stay with Nana and Coach in San Antonio so that our realtor could show the house any time without worrying about our gigantic dog scaring the life out of prospective buyers. (This also gave us time to clear out the massive mounds of dog fur that were hiding throughout the house.) Charlie seems to like Houston so far and has already dragged me all over the neighborhood (we’re working on remembering our walking etiquette), caught himself a possum, and given anxiety issues to the poodle next door. Is it our fault that the poodle barks himself hoarse while Charlie stands there, completely indifferent? I think not.

Elephant Academy has started in earnest during the mornings. We decided to go with some Kumon workbooks that build off of one another. Ironically enough, the Kumon system is Japanese, and so I knew a little about it back when we were in Okinawa and were thinking through what our girls’ educations would look like. It includes all that I had planned to cover – numbers and letters, recognition and writing – and things I didn’t even consider, like cutting and pasting and working on fine motor skills. Em is doing great, working hard and taking it all very seriously. I’m doing my best and hoping that what little I know will have her prepared for kindergarten.

We started the process of changing over our licenses, car registration, etc. We sold Wes’s Saturn before we left Oklahoma because we knew it wouldn’t pass inspection here. (Yep, you deduced that correctly. Oklahoma doesn’t require inspections on cars. If it runs, it can get a tag. And even if it doesn’t run, just having a title for it is sufficient. It’s a jalopy paradise.) So, Wes has been driving his motorcycle on the days that it doesn’t rain, and we’ve been making do with one car when it does. In Duncan, this was far less challenging – living with one car like we did for our first two years – than it is here. We’ve managed to avoid car payments our entire marriage, but we may have to change that soon. I would prefer to wait until we aren’t paying a mortgage AND rent, but we’ll see how it all works out. I think I’ve managed to talk Wes out of an SUV and into a tiny hatchback instead (I like small cars – blame it on Japan), so it should be affordable at least if we have to do it sooner than planned.

Okay. The next post will be about WDW – I promise!

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