Here and There…

– Four days towards my forty days of running completed. Starting to get easier to force myself out of bed. Kinda. Sorta. Okay, not at all. But I’m doing it!

– Re-introduced myself to the calorie counter. It is as merciless now as it was a few months ago.

– Wes let the cat out of the bag at the church regarding his pecan pie obsession. Since then, there’s been a parade of pecan pies through our house and straight into his tummy. It’s good to be a pastor sometimes.

– House in Duncan passed inspection. One step closer to being sold!

– Elephant Academy is exhausting. For a four year old. Cutting, pasting, and coloring is fun, but numbers and letters make her “SOOOO TIE-URD.” Makes me tired just watching her work on these skills. It’s a beating for us both, y’all.

– Ana is learning a lot. Mainly about the world around her, as evidenced by her astonishment that some of her classmates speak Spanish. “Oh, no, Mommy, we all speak English at my school.” Yes, but not JUST English. Convinced her that some of them actually do speak Spanish at home. Her response? “WHAT?!” Big day for Ana. (FYI, 81.26% of the student population at Pasadena ISD is Hispanic. I’m thinking this is probably up, oh, 81.26% from Duncan. Love it!)

– Registered for our second full marathon. Can’t believe I’m going to go through that pain again. And that I’m PAYING to go through that pain. Is this a sign of addiction?

– Charlie has cleared all the wildlife out of the backyard. The possums have spread the news about the clumsy beast to all squirrels, birds, and assorted critters. Charlie seems sad that they’re gone.

Till next time…

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