He Makes Us New

A few days ago, Ana was thinking through some big issues. I’m not sure why she thinks about these things or where she picks up half of what she’s starting to believe, but I thought this gem of a conversation was worth sharing…

Ana to me, on the subject of sickness, “Some people get really, really bad sick and die. And some people can’t walk. They have to use wheelchairs.”

Me to Ana, “Yeah, that’s just what happens sometimes. And we’re all going to die one day.”

Ana to me, “But, you know, Jesus healed people. They couldn’t walk, but Jesus helped them to walk! Maybe God could help people walk so they wouldn’t need wheelchairs. And He would heal people so they wouldn’t be sick!”

Me to Ana, “He could. But that doesn’t mean He always will. Some people still can’t walk, some people still die, and some people just don’t get healed.”

Ana to me, “Oh, no. God heals everyone!”

Me to Ana, “No, not always.”

Ana to me, “Yes! When we die, God heals us. He makes us new with Jesus.”

Long pause.

Me to Ana, “You know, you’re absolutely right.”

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