The Woodlands Half Marathon

Yesterday, we ran the Woodlands Half Marathon.

This was our first race post-marathon, and we learned some valuable lessons from it. The night before we were out late at a concert (John Legend, and he was AMAZING), which meant that we only managed to get five hours of sleep. We hadn’t used any kind of training plan for this race, so we started feeling the burn about, oh, half a mile into it. It began raining on us at mile 8, and we saw one guy almost get hit by a car at mile 10. (Which would have been totally on him since he ran straight into the lane that was left open for cars. Seriously?!)

All that said, the location was great, the volunteers were wonderful, and it was a great push back into running for us. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it when we got there (five hours of sleep, y’all!), but when we hit mile thirteen and took off sprinting for the finish line… well, that’s always a “totally worth it” moment.

We’re back in training…

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