7 Pounds and My Huge Backside

Last week, I gained seven pounds.

Granted, we had just finished a long run, which I had prepared for by drinking twice my normal weight in water (or so it felt!), but in my thinking, that should NOT have accounted for the initial three pounds post-race, plus the other four that were hanging on by the end of the day. As Wes tried to tell me that it was water weight (that doubled after the race?!) and that it would come off, I had a mini-crisis, the culmination of which led me to exclaim, “I have nothing to wear!!!”

The truth is that I DID have plenty of somethings to wear, but the great majority of them made my rear end look ginormous. (Which they well should have since I gained SEVEN POUNDS in one day!) And I? Was NOT glad about wearing jeans that did that. What would people think? What would they say? Just how many words would be spoken in the quiet corners of our church about the pastor’s wife’s hefty backside? More than could be counted, I feared. Oh, the horror!

It was, at this point in my freak out, that I concluded the “clothing” chapter of 7. And here’s what really hit me…

“In my self-important mind, everyone would notice my repetitions and whisper about my wardrobe. People would obsess about my attire. You know what I discovered? Others aren’t thinking about me nearly as much as I thought they were.”

Oh, y’all, I know this. I don’t normally obsess about clothes, my hair, or makeup. I know it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’ve prided myself on how infrequently I go shopping for clothes.

Well, that’s great. But, as evidenced by my “nothing to wear” episode, I use clothes to gain approval and favor with others, even if I’ve been doing it subconsciously. It all goes back to finding significance in something outside of Christ, which I never would have guessed I’d be tempted to do when it came to something like clothing. Honestly, the example given in 7 of wearing just seven items of clothing for a month sounded liberating to me, which showed me, even before those horrific seven pounds, that I was putting more importance into what I was wearing than was probably warranted. And my closet, which I think is modestly filled? Can’t hold all of my clothes.

And I thought this would be the “easy” chapter…

5 thoughts on “7 Pounds and My Huge Backside

  1. Marla Taviano says:

    1. I love your title.
    2. You run DOUBLE-DIGIT miles.
    3. I love your honesty and humor.
    4. I've had that same realization soooo many times. People are not really wasting their time thinking about me. They're thinking about themselves.


  2. Sharon Wang says:

    I love the picture at the top!!! It could be labeled “What I see” and “What my husband sees!”

    I just read something the other day (no idea where) about how we think evolves as we age. This lady was talking about how she has dressed in different stages in her life and in the end she realized nobody was even looking at what she was wearing, they were more concerned about themselves. Oh, if I could get to that point where I didn't worry about what other people thought about my clothes, my hair etc. and focused on things that really mattered.


  3. Brooke says:

    first off – i ALWAYS bloat up after a long run. always. secondly, since becoming addicted to calf compression sleeves this round of marathon training, i wear jeans/lace ups every Sunday morning to church. of course i'm not in a position of authority, but no one knows me as “the girl who wears jeans” but rather “the a/v girl” or “the runner girl”


  4. Rachel M. says:

    I feel a little immune to this subject since I'm pregnant and allowed to gain weight but this post takes me back to the reasons why my wardrobe is as full as it is. When I'm not pregnant, I struggle with the belly fat and want to buy shirts that hide this, then I ignore half my wardrobe that's too tight. Weight gain is probably my biggest motivator for buying new clothes.


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