I’ve Got Some Oceanfront Property in Ok-la-home-uh….

Today, we were supposed to close on our house in Oklahoma.

As most of you know, two weeks ago, the contract fell through. The home inspection had gone well, everything was falling into place, and we thought we were moving forward. Our great fear in this process (nay, our great fear in owning a home all along in Oklahoma) was that foundation issues would come up. Three out of four homes in Oklahoma have foundation issues, thanks to the red dirt that makes up the soil content. You may remember that early on in our pastorate at WHBC, we had structural engineers out to give us an estimate on the foundation of our house, and they said, basically, that for a thirty year old house, our foundation was just right… right then. They warned us that extreme weather either way — wet or dry — could change that. Lo and behold, we had BOTH extremes this past year with a summer of drought and now a whole bunch of rain. The potential buyers had another structural engineer sent out, and while he did recommend some repairs, they were minimal. (Especially given what we know others in Duncan have paid to have their homes fixed.) We thought we had reached a generous (on our part) compromise on the price of the home in light of what the cost of the repair would be, but the buyers ended up walking.

On a positive note, we’ve learned some things about real estate. We were really fair when we were on the buying end of this process four years ago, and we just naively assumed that others would be as well. So far, we’ve not seen that to be true. In the process, though, we’ve figured out exactly what our home is worth as is, and it’s worth more than the price tag we’ve got on it. As we make a few more repairs to the house (some glass doors and screens are being replaced today, as a matter of fact), we’re more confident of where we stand the NEXT time someone makes an offer and we start this whole crazy dance over again.

And when it happens, this will make the THIRD contract we’ve had on the house. I’m convinced that the third time will be a charm. Or not. But I’m hoping!

I sound pretty great about it all right now, but it’s taken some time. The day the contract fell through, we also got a bill for Ana’s lab work in the mail. Remember that lab work she had to have done, twice? Well, the bill came in for ONE of the sessions, and our insurance paid nothing. NOTHING. Figuring in what we were losing financially with this bill and yet another month of maintaining two homes (plus foundation repairs — woo-hoo!), I called Wes and said, “Can this day get any more expensive?!” I started quoting Habbakuk to myself, feeling pretty spiritual about the whole thing, even as my temptation was to run circles around the kitchen, pulling out all of my hair, and screaming my head off. (Given the kind of day I was having, though, I would likely have hit my head on a cabinet, developed a concussion, and — yes — had even MORE medical bills to pay. Eish.)

All that said, we all felt better the next day. I hate the phrase “it is what it is,” but, y’all, it is what it is. I’m not going to say that God is going to bring along the right buyer because He may very well NOT bring along the right buyer, but I am going to say that God’s going to teach us something through all of this because I know for certain that He’ll do that. And I hope we’re faithful enough to embrace what He’s doing, trusting Him that it’s really for our good and for His glory.

(Oh, and the medical bill? Yeah, they sent the wrong ID number to our insurance. It took all of five minutes to fix over the phone. I told Wes we’d probably still get a bill from the insurance company telling us that they were paying nothing, but we’d save that grief for another day. Then, we got the insurance claim, and they paid it all. Good news for the Faulks!)

I write all this out, not because I think everyone out there cares about our property woes. Just wanted to update those of you who have been praying that our home in Oklahoma would sell so that we can be fully and completely here. We put a lot of money, time, and love into improving the house while we lived there, and I know it will be a wonderful home for someone. While I know that God is using this time to teach us a lot about trusting Him, I’m hopeful that there IS a right buyer out there and that we’ll meet them soon.

Here’s hoping!

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