I Want it ALLL!!!

Wes and I had some time last week to ourselves with the girls visiting my parents for Spring Break. One day, we spent the afternoon just browsing some of the stores we have literally a few miles from the church, which is a big deal since the mall was a forty mile drive away in Duncan. As we went from store to store, we commented on the things that were nice, the things that we could see owning one day, and the things that we were putting on our “wish lists.”

Then we went to Best Buy. And Wes said, “I don’t need a Kindle. I have an iPad. But still… I want a Kindle.” I couldn’t say much since I was given a Kindle a couple of Christmases ago, but that didn’t stop me from asking, “WHY do you think you want one, then?”

And he had no answer. Just like I had no answer for the set of dishes I coveted at Pier One that would be, if purchased, my FOURTH set of dishes. (That is, if china counts as a set, Christmas dishes, kiddie plates, everyday dishes… those don’t all count, do they?!)

Our girls have a similar problem. We just recently got cable back (which is a topic for next week, believe me), and the commercials are so obviously aimed right at the 4-5 year old girl demographic because they want EVERYTHING. Just like that annoying little girl in the Willie Wonka movie, “They want it ALLLLL!!!”

We’re easily convinced that we’re missing out and that we NEED MORE STUFF. All of us!

I’m making a conscious effort to be aware of this since reading 7 this week. And I’m taking baby steps to begin to clear out some of the unnecessary stuff we’ve accumulated over the past several years. We came back home from Japan with next to nothing… so, how did we manage to get all of this STUFF in such a short amount of time?! (Especially when the mall in Oklahoma was forty miles away!)

Good things to think about this week…

4 thoughts on “I Want it ALLL!!!

  1. Sharon Wang says:

    We have several pots and pans, but they are all different brands and not matching. We recently had the opportunity to get something free and pots and pans were an option. That's what I would have choosen, but my husband wisely pointed out that while ours may not match, we have plenty! What is it that we always want more? I spent a year in another country and had very little to my name there and survived just fine. I came back to the U.S. to an abundance of stuff and got rid of lots. But, just like you, I've somehow accumulated tons more since then.


  2. Brooke says:

    after cleaning out my great grandmother's house after her death, i think long and hard about giving people gifts that aren't consumables (like a gift card to a restaurant/spa, etc). why don't i give the same thought to purchases I make? love your food for thought here.


  3. Rachel M. says:

    We don't even have cable right now and my little girl still wants everything she sees in the stores. I get so tired of saying no that I almost want to shop alone but I guess she needs to learn so we keep going and I stick to my budget!


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