More Faulkette Funnies

Faulkette Funnies for your Wednesday…

Emma to me, “I am never shaving my legs when I’m a grown up.” If only the rest of us could be so bold!

Ana, on the subject of where we were going to go grocery shopping, “Is it the Cougar store or the Heb?” It took some thinking, but she meant Kroger and HEB.

Emma, explaining what happened in Gram and Gramps’s yard, “Well, the man horse came and was tricking the trees.” I have no idea what she was talking about, but I keep picturing a centaur approaching the city limits of Alvarado with malice towards all trees in his heart…

Ana, freaking out when Gram passed her a Milky Way over a plate with a cooked hot dog, “It got food breath on it!” I think food breath is steam rising off of hot food. Or maybe Gram’s hot dog was actually breathing. Centaurs, living hot dogs — Alvarado is a creepy little place, y’all.

Ana to me, “When Jesus makes us dead, then He makes us alive again, I think God gives us all the balloons that went flying up into the sky when we let go of them.” Emma to me, “Yeah, God is a nice person!” True enough. Well, at least the part about Him being nice.

Emma to me, “Jesus loves everyone. Even strangers.” Jesus heeds not the stranger danger warnings.

Emma, after Wes joked that Tim Tebow could get a job as the associate pastor of our church, “IS TIM TEBOW COMING TO OUR CHURCH?! CALL HIM, PAPI!!!” This girl’s love for Tim Tebow knows no end, y’all…

Hope you have a great day!

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