Hello Mornings Challenge

I’ve caught myself telling anyone who will listen that life for the Faulks will finally calm down this summer. If we can just get through the end of the school year, things will be so easy and breezy around here.

Then, I look at the calendar, and wonder, “What was I thinking?! It’s actually going to get CRAZIER!!!”

That said, these are busy days for us here at Casa Faulk. And for most of you, I’m sure it’s the same. End of the school year parties, field trips, field days, graduations, and all of the assorted banquets/receptions/parties are going to be quickly replaced by VBS, summer vacations, visiting relatives, youth camp, BBQs, swimming lessons, and even the SBC Convention. (Anyone else going to be at that one?) Life is busy. And while we find ourselves being rushed along in the constant flow of activities, we have to be vigilant in keeping first things first.

This is why I’m super, super excited for the opportunity to take part in the Hello Mornings Challenge! As life gets busy, I know I struggle to have a consistent, daily time in God’s Word. All too often that time is replaced by just another half hour in bed, hitting the snooze button. (Honestly, it might actually be closer to a full HOUR of hitting the snooze button. Don’t judge!) With that, I also neglect the practice of getting my run in before the day gets away from me and (here lately) the temperature outside becomes intolerable. How much better would my day go if I GOT MY LAZY BUM OUT OF BED EARLY so that I could have my time with God and get my exercise in before all the obligations of the day began calling for my attention?

The Hello Mornings Challenge is a challenge to do just that — wake up early for Bible study and exercise — for thirteen weeks. If you’ll click on the link, you’ll see that this is a part of Inspired to Action, a ministry that uses social networking to keep us accountable and motivated. Their summer session of Hello Mornings begins this Monday, May 14 and continues on until July 8. They provide Bible study material downloads on their site to help you out and give you the opportunity to receive email encouragement, all for FREE. There are no strict rules or guidelines as to what your own personal journey will look like, no marathon training schedule to keep to, no read-through-the-Bible-in-ten-days (as if!) schedule to stick to. The whole point is making a lasting change in your life by devoting the beginning of each day to growing spiritually and taking care of your body.

So… are you ready to be challenged? I know I am. Join us — it’s going to be awesome!

My friend, Heather, has started a Facebook group for this session of Hello Mornings. If you’re interested in committing to daily time with God and daily exercise this summer, please let me know so we can add you to the group and encourage you towards your goals!

Sooooo excited!

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