Tunder Emma

Last night before bedtime, Ana was running a 101.5 degree temperature. I gave her some Tylenol, sent her to bed, and stayed up to check on her a few hours later to make sure the fever was gone. I still figured that I would see her at some point during the night as I crawled under the covers and turned my light out.

Sure enough, someone was in the bed with me this morning. Wes called from his conference early and woke us up, and after hanging up the phone, I put my hands on the little girl next to me to check her fever. She was as cool as a cucumber, much to my relief. I pushed her hair out of her face to ask her how she was feeling… only to discover that it was EMMA who had snuck in to sleep with me while poor, sick Ana was still upstairs in her own bed!

Emma saw my confusion at her presence and said, “It was tundering (thundering) last night” as if to explain it all away. (She has been known to wander the house in a tiffy when there’s a storm, so this was to be expected, I guess. Especially with half the big bed vacant and all.)

Lesson learned? Never put it past a sneaky younger sister to capitalize on her sister’s illness and Mommy’s compassionate heart. Especially if there’s “tunder” involved!

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