Disney Dreaming Funnies

As we approach the summer, Ana and Emma are doing more and more Disney dreaming. The Faulkettes have never taken a trip to Walt Disney World during the summer (all winter and spring trips so far), but something about the end of school approaching and talk of summer vacation has them thinking more and more about all things Mickey Mouse. Do you have a case of Disney Dreaming? If you’ve ever said any of the things below, then you just might…

– Em, putting two Milky Way bars together, “Look, Mommy! I made a monorail!” It did look like a monorail.

– Ana, sighing dramatically on the way home from school, “I wish we lived at Walt Disney World.” Even the best school doesn’t serve Mickey waffles and include a ride on Soarin’.

– Em, saying good bye to her cousins, “See you at Walt Disney World!” Not sure why she thought that we had all agreed on another trip to Florida, but the sincerity and excitement with which she said this just might have inspired Gram and Gramps to plan a trip… or not. Probably not. Oh, well.

– Ana, pointing out a three circle pattern on a craft she made at school, “See, I put a hidden Mickey on it.” Not only does she know what Hidden Mickeys are, but she also feels compelled to incorporate them into schoolwork. Awesome.

– Em, seeing an airplane in the sky, “Look! Someone’s going to Walt Disney World!” Because that’s the only place planes go, you know.

– Ana, looking over a map of Disneyland, “Wow! They’ve got a lot of Walt Disney World rides there!” It’s like one was the prototype for the other… hmm…

– Em, looking at a scratch on her arm, “Hmm… maybe a lion gave that to me!” Me to Em, “A lion?” Em to me, “Yeah, one of the lions from Walt Disney World!” That was a long trip to make just to scratch a girl in her sleep.

– Ana, explaining why they built WDW, “Well, back then, there was nothing fun to do. They had typewriters but no computer games. So they built Walt Disney World so everyone could have fun!” WDW, thrilling people since before the dawn of time… otherwise known as the pre-computer age.

If you’re Disney Dreamin’ (like the Faulkettes) without a Disney trip in the near future (like the Faulkettes), maybe this link will help you get your fix. You’re welcome.

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