End of School Faulkette Funnies

– Emma to me, “WOW! You can find EVERYTHING on your phone!” This is why it’s called a smart phone.

– Wes, trying to talk himself out of eating Emma’s leftovers, “Wes, just love your Diet Coke.” Emma to herself, “Emma, just love your water.” No food envy here!

– Ana, heaving a dramatic sigh when I told her she couldn’t do something, “When I’m a grown up, I’ll do WHATEVER I want!” Yeah, along with a lot of things that you don’t want to do, so it all evens out.

– Emma, after she and Ana finished half a bag of chips by themselves, “We are hungry chip monsters, Ana!” And messy ones at that, as evidenced by the disarray of broken chip bits on the floor.

– Ana to me one morning, as I rushed around the house working, “You do everything around here!” Tis the life of a homemaker.

– Ana, “Emma, don’t poke me in the head! How would you like it if I poked you in the head?” Emma, offering her head to Ana, “Go ahead!” Takes more than a head poking to upset that one. (And, yes, she was super “punny” when she said it!)

– Ana, “I want to be a nan when I grow up.” Me, “What’s a nan?” Ana, “They read their Bibles and pray all day and wear all black.” Me, “A nun?” Ana, “Yeah! A nun!” Not sure if she enjoys the idea of reading all day or wearing the fun black robes…

– Ana, patting my tummy in the church lobby on Mother’s Day morning, “It looks like there’s another baby in there!” Because nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like pointing out how motherhood has permanently changed your body.

– Emma to Ana, “You smell like Apple Jacks!” Ana to Emma, “Do you like Apple Jacks?” Emma to Ana, “No, they’re yucky.” Dear Ana, You stink. Love, Emma

– Ana, “Mommy, Isabella kissed Phineas! Emma, Isabella kissed Phineas!” Emma, “I heared you when you told Mommy!” Yeah! Did you heared that, Ana?!

– Emma to me, after I came in from my run, “I love you even though you are stinky.” Well, as bad as I smell, at least I don’t smell like Apple Jacks, right? (What is it with this girl and smells?)

– Emma, “And then God said, ‘Let the Muppets live in Hollywood.’ And they did.” Well, there you go.

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