Birthday Week Faulkette Funnies

This week is birthday week at the Faulk house! Some Faulkette funnies from our soon to be six year old and soon to be five year old…

Ana to Emma, “You’re prettier than an ugly pig.” Emma, “Ana, that is MEAN!” Ana to Emma, “What?! I said you were PRETTIER than an ugly pig.” Not mean… technically.

Emma to me, “Mommy! Ana told me that the Fresh Beat Band is coming to Houston for Christmas!” Me to Emma, “I think Ana lied to you.” Ana to Emma, “Well, they MIGHT come, Emma. You never know!” And ugly pigs might fly, too. Such a mean big sister!

Emma to Wes, “Papi, I’m sorry that I call-ded you a cow.” Wes to Em, “Well, I wasn’t offended until now. When did you call me a cow?” Em to Wes, “When you were sounding like a hurt-ded cow. Mooooo…” That’ll teach you to moo.

Ana to Charlie, “Just come with me, boy, and I’ll give you a NICE haircut.” Run, Charlie, run!

Ana to Emma, “Now that you’re five years old, it’s the season for being a big girl!” I have no idea what this means, but it sounds good to me.

Emma, when we couldn’t find a Tim Tebow action figure (which she’s been coveting for months now) at the store, “I will ask Santa to bring me Tim Tebow for Christmas.” You know, there’s a really great joke here about countless other women asking Santa for the same thing… but I won’t say it.

Emma, out in the front yard in her nightgown while we were weeding the flower beds, “HEY! That lizard is STARIN’ at me!” Well, you ARE wearing your nightgown.

Emma to me, regarding the circus, “I hope the elephants jungle!” I’m not sure what that means, but it would probably be even more exciting than if they juggled!

Emma to Ana, “We look just alike, except my eyes are bigger.” Ana to Emma, “No, my eyes are WISER.” I think she meant “wider.” Maybe.

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